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Welcome to La Buena Vida!  This website provides information for owners and residents on the beautiful community we call home!
Neighborhood News
Deck Inspections Coming in 2023
Posted on Aug 17th, 2022
In order to ensure compliance with California Senate Bill 721, deck inspections will be taking place at La Buena Vida in 2023.  All #4 decks will be inspected.  We will post advance notice when your deck is set to be inspected, as all items will need to be removed from the #4 deck during the inspections, and vehicles will need to be off the driveways.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Adding a New Screen Door? Replacing Windows? Other Project? Make Sure it's Approved!
Posted on May 15th, 2022
Many alterations, including, but not limited to, new screen/security doors, new windows, request for a security camera install, requests for a patio space (or alterations to existing space), require the completion of the Application for Architectural Alteration. The completed form can be emailed to Chris Peters, Association Manager, at And, don't forget that many projects may also require one or more permits from the City of Davis
For security cameras, please note the following:
  • One battery/solar operated camera or Ring doorbell/camera per unit
  • An architectural request form needs to be completed and submitted to the property manager before installation. For existing cameras an architectural form needs to be submitted retroactively.
  • Camera size should be small and discreet under 12" and body color in either black or white.
  • Camera installation to be done by a certified installer or LBV maintenance. 
  • Camera view narrowed to cover area just outside front door and can't extend to common areas. 90 degrees or less and projecting 4' or less. 
  • Audio feature to be turned off.
  • Annual inspection of cameras will be carried out by LBV maintenance.
  • LBV management has the right to request a view from the camera after installation and/or inspections.
These approvals ensure that your alterations are compatible with the building exterior and will be a success!
Online Portal: Make HOA Payments and Report Maintenance Issues
Posted on Apr 26th, 2022
You’re invited to set up your Online Portal – a fast, easy, and secure way to stay in the loop and get access to convenient tools:
  • Make payments – Avoid late fees by setting up automatic payments.
  • Submit maintenance requests – Quickly file requests and track their status.
  • Access from any device – Stay connected with the Online Portal mobile app.
Stay Safe! Online Resources
Posted on Jun 21st, 2021
To prevent vehicle break-ins, we strongly advise that you keep your car in your locked garage. If that is not possible, be sure to keep your car doors and windows locked, and keep ALL valuables out of your car.
Below are a couple of resources to keep you up-to-date on issues that may impact you.
For secure notification alerts by public safety agencies such as Davis Police Department

A private, neighbor network for community events, recommendations, crime reports, etc.

Upcoming Events
Monthly HOA Meetings
Thursday, October 27th
The monthly La Buena Vida Home Owners Association board meetings are open to all owners.  Meetings are generally held online on Zoom. Contact Chris Peters at for the link.  Each monthly meeting begins with time for the owners to share any thoughts or feedback with the board.