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La Buena Vida (LBV) is a community of McKeon condominiums built in the early 1970's located in Davis, California. There are 68 four-unit buildings, totaling 272 units. Each building of four units shares two garages (2 units per garage) and a laundry room. The #1 units are on ground level, the #2 and #3 units are 2-story and the #4 units are on the second level.
La Buena Vida is managed by a Board of Directors and day-to-day operations are handled by Association Management Concepts (AMC). A property manager is on-site several days a week. The Board meets once a month and an annual meeting for all owners is held every September.
The park-like property is located in northeast Davis and the residents are made up of both owners and renters. There are two small city parks adjacent to the property and a greenbelt borders the western side of the property. Amenities include a swimming pool.